Trademark use guidelines

These guidelines serve to clarify how to use Nokian Tyres Group’s trademarks.


These guidelines serve to clarify how to use Nokian Tyres Group’s trademarks. Trademarks like NOKIAN RENKAAT, NOKIAN TYRES, HAKKAPELIITTA, HAKKA, NORDMAN, NOKIAN RASKAAT RENKAAT, NOKIAN HEAVY TYRES AND VIANOR are important business assets of Nokian Tyres Group and should be treated with high level of care. Trademark right establishes a right to prohibit others from using a trademark or another mark that is confusingly similar to the protected trademark in the business for identical or similar goods or services and right to prohibit others from exploiting the goodwill of our trademarks or disrupting the distinctiveness of them.

These guidelines apply to all Nokian Tyres Group′s employees, customers, licensees and other third parties, who are using our trademarks. Complete list of protected trademarks, can be asked from our contact persons using the below e-mail address. Please, review the trademarks and keep in mind that they form valuable assets. Their aim is to distinguish our products from those of others, and prevent third parties to take unfair advantage of our good reputation. Nokian Heavy Tyres and Vianor belong to Nokian Tyres Group and similar rules as stated in these guidelines apply also to their trademarks.

Using Nokian Tyres’ Trademarks

Our authorised dealers are allowed to use our trademarks when selling and marketing our products. All other uses need to be checked by us. You must know your responsibilities – do not use our trademarks in false, misleading or dubious advertising.

If you are not our authorized dealer, you can state in your marketing that you are selling our products. However, you are not allowed to use our trademarks in a manner that suggest a business relationship with us.

  • Use only current and approved identity artwork.
  • Use trademarks in accordance with Nokian Tyres’ brand guidelines.
  • Do not alter the spelling of the trademarks and do not inflect the words.
  • Use ? and ? symbols depending on the fact, whether or not the trademark is registered. Ask using the below e-mail address to ensure which symbol to use.
  • If possible, declare the ownership of the trademarks in your marketing material as follows: ”NOKIAN TYRES is a trademark or registered trademark of Nokian Tyres plc”
  • It is forbidden to add Nokian Tyres Group’s trademarks to any products (for example clothes) by printing or otherwise without prior written permission from Nokian Tyres plc.

Contact information
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